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Month: January 2013

Inner Vision Update 3

I finished up the first level. The script needs a lot of work, and I still need to work on the other characters. So far, the game isn’t as polished as I would like it to be, but to accomplish the One Game a Month challenge, it’ll have to suffice.

Once the OGAM challenge is complete, I’ll go back to my games and add the extra layer polish. Until then, I’m going to continue finishing this up and start to work on February’s game.


Inner Vision Update 2

I completed the choice system, which means I have the setup of the entire game complete. All I have to do is to finish up the remaining sprites, add music, and add more to the script. Basically, the major part of the programming is complete.

Things are looking up for the completion of this game. Looks like it’ll be the first one I ever complete, since all the other things I’ve worked on are prototypes and demos. I’ll post those up some other time.

Here’s the intro to the game, which I posted previously, with the difference being the added choice system. Back to work!


Inner Vision Update 1

Well, looks like I finished the dialogue intro of the game. So far, Yama talks to you and introduces the game. That’s about all I have as of right now, and my next goal is to implement the almost-finished choice boxes so you are able to respond to Yama. There’s still plenty of work to do!

Just click on the link to go to the game. Unfortunately WordPress hates flash, so the sizing isn’t quite right, but I’ll worry about the small details in the future.



Well, looks like it’s finally here. To be honest, I’m usually negative on the whole “new year” thing. The reason being that there’s a new year every year, so what’s so special about it? All that aside, I do look forward to what 2013 brings.

I do plan on changing some aspects of myself this year, and hopefully they’ll stick throughout the years to come. Currently, I have been on my winter break from UIC, and I have got to say, it’s been one of the most productive breaks I’ve had. I have made tremendous progress on my flash game (Inner Vision), which is really inspiring since it shows me where my diligence will lead me.

As well as game development, I also plan on increasing my work ethic when it comes to college course work. So far, I’ve been passing all my classes with little to no hiccups. Sure, I’ve had some trouble in some courses (I’m looking at you Physics), but I always manage to pass them (somehow). However, there’s a problem: I still get Cs. This needs to change. Getting a letter grade of a C shows that I’m just average. This infuriates me like no other, and I hope to focus and put all my effort into my work load this year.

I am also partaking in One Game a Month (, and I’m really looking forward to it. This winter break was a test to see if I can finish a game I start, but 2013 will be the real test. Game development is a very passionate hobby of mine, and I look forward to making experimental, artistic video games. What can I say, I love art.

Other than video game development and college, I’ve had nothing really to worry about. I do have the side of my brain telling me to find a job and get some cash while I’m on break, or while I’m at the university. This is also the side of my brain I’m not too fond of, since it is an eerie reminder of how much debt I’ll be in after my 4 years of college. To combat this evil side of my brain, I still need to think about what kind of field of work I want to get into. Yes, I’m still undecided. The good thing is is that I know it’s something to do with computer science, so there that huge safety net (or at least that’s what every single old person tells me).

I’ll make a blog post in the future about my career path, as well as the dilemma about pursuing game development as a career, but until then, Happy New Year! May 2013 bring out the best of everyone.


Here’s a screenshot of where I’m at with the game:

progress blog

The introduction of the game.

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