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Month: February 2013

Take the Plunge

Tackling controversial topics is a scary thing. Whether it’s the fear of being disingenuous  or the fear of failure, it is universal. When it comes to video games, this fear is especially prevalent. We’re scared of what people will think, and we’re scared of how people will react and play the game. This is the problem.

Art is a powerful tool. It can touch you in ways like no other. It will directly hit you in the heart, in ways that feel good and even in ways that feel uncomfortable. Video games have this power, especially so since we have that unique dimension of interaction from the player.

So why don’t we use this awesome tool that we have to the fullest? I may be taking an artistic stance here, but our job as game developers should be making the players of our games feel something they haven’t really felt, or thought about, before. You should be able to take away a new way of thinking, or a new feeling you haven’t felt before. Something unique and special that you can call your own.

With that said, don’t let fear bog you down. Go head first, and make a game about something you don’t really understand. That’s okay. The important thing is you learning from that experience and growing as a game developer. You’ll learn from your missteps and make a better game in the future. Promise. So be naive and make games.

Just in case you were unaware

The music from Inner Vision is by Takenobu. He is an extremely talented individual, and his music can be found here: 

Please support him, he deserves every penny. It’s so hard to find people dedicated to their work like Takenobu, he really is a gem of a musician, and without his music my game would have been a disaster.

Blown Away

This is crazy. I still feel like I’m in a dream. So, as you may or may not know, I submitted Inner Vision to reddit two days ago. The reason being was I wanted some more feedback outside of the circle of my friends. I expected to get about 5-10 responses, and that’s it.

Here’s the link:

Well, I was wrong.

The subreddit I posted it in, /r/gamedev, loved it. People upvoted it like nothing I was expecting, and I started to receive dozens upon dozens of responses. It’s currently sitting at 197 upvotes with 102 comments. THIS IS CRAZY!

I received multiple heart warming responses to the game. Some people were really moved, and they completely understood the ideas and emotions I was trying to express. I guess when you create something, it’s hard to see through its flaws. When I look back at my game, I see a crappy little flash game riddled with formatting issues, buggy programming, and dialogue that a 13 year old could have written… I’m a pessimist, what can I say?

Inner Vision wasn’t supposed to become popular. I created it for myself to express some dying thoughts I’ve had for the past several months. I had a message I was trying to portray with the game, but didn’t think anybody would understand it due to the poor script I had written. Well, I guess I was wrong. Although I personally think the script is weak, a lot of people thought it was quite good, and they connected with the characters. So when I saw over a hundred people played and liked my game, I was in utter shock (I still am to be honest).

I am ecstatic that people liked it. I got quite a few responses saying they can’t wait for my future games. Well, good news. Thanks to all of you, I will be going all out for the next one. All the responses I’ve received has confirmed that I can make games that aren’t total garbage. Once I finish the One Game a Month challenge, I plan on going back to the games I’ve made and add that extra layer of polish. I’ve been noting down all the feedback, so when I do get the chance to get back to my work, I can easily fix the problems that people had with them.

The response to Inner Vision is the reason why I make games. If one of my games makes you feel something unique and special, my job here is done. So lastly, thanks to all of you who played Inner Vision. I really put my heart into the game, and is based on some personal experiences I’ve had, so when I see people praising it by saying that it helped them think about their own life in a new light, I start to tear up. Thank you all so very much.

I’ll post in the near future about my next game. I’ve started nailing down the game design, and I plan on starting some sketches this weekend (maybe this week, but the course load at my college is crazy at the moment). Spoilers: It’s going to be political.

Inner Vision (Final build!)

Well, after a month of work (plus a few days), I’ve come to the conclusion of Inner Vision. It’s done, although there are a few small bugs when you talk to the first character. Well, onto my next game, which I still have no clue what it will be about.

Due to my classes starting back up, it’s hard to find time to work on my games, but nonetheless I will continue making them. One does not simply stop making games.

Inner Vision

I have got to say, making this game was really fun, and I explored a lot of subjects that have always interested me. My goal is for every one of my games to have a central, or unifying, theme. Inner Vision definitely has one, but I don’t want to say it. You’ll have to find that out on your own.

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