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November | 2013 | Sunil's Blog
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Sunil's Blog

I make games! Mostly weird ones.

Month: November 2013


So I just came back from a 12 hour game jam with the theme 30 seconds. I stuck with flash since I still haven’t tinkered around with Unity2D from the newest version.

Instead of making a single short 30 second game, I took a WarioWare approach and chose to make 5 6 second games. You can play it here. Also, my good friend Carlos helped out with the art (Look at that well drawn butt!) It’s a very silly/broken game, but I had fun making it. Always love me some game jams.


The Museum: Redesigning and Gameplay Art Style

I’ve been making progress level design wise, and I thought I would share what they looked like. I’ve been working on the first area that the player will start in, and it’s taken me a while getting the right structure. I was trying to strike a balance between the player wanting to see more and explore, and the player avoid seeing the movement as a chore.

Here are the 3 redesigning phases it went though:

Phase 1 (When I thought this would be a third person game):

Design 1


Phase 2 (Shifted into first person, redesigned all gameplay):

Design 2

Phase 2.5 (Replaced placeholder cubes with new art style with the help of particle effects, first person perspective):

Design 3


I hope to share more as I get further into the game.

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