Ludum Dare was this past weekend, and I decided to ditch all my responsibilities to zone out and fully focus on a game. What came out of it was a game that I think is the best designed out of all the games I’ve ever made. The theme of the game jam was “beneath the surface”, so I decided to make a game about a drill! Also I put the game on GitHub, maybe someone can find it useful as a learning tool.

You can play the game here:



Source Code


Here are a few sceenshots:


I’m really proud of what I was able to create in such a short amount of time (48 hours to be exact). I decided to work with my strengths and not focus on the visuals too much (specifically creating sprites), but rather the game design and color aesthetic. I realized that color gradients are kind of the best, and can really make a game look clean and focused. I also decided to stick to an extremely simple/silly story. Not all games need to take themselves seriously!


I also really tried to apply some game design lessons I’ve been learning over the last few months. Get rid of any filler, focus on one central mechanic, and treat the player like an intelligent human being. My game has no tutorial, has a very focused game style, and doesn’t have any levels that serve as filler. Each level teaches the player something cool, and I tried to avoid inserting things that don’t add to the game’s central mechanic. I hope to make more games such as these and really try to get better at game design.