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Figured out

It seemed like I was quite confused at the time when I wrote my last post, which was not long ago. The main reason I was struggling is because I had too many little game prototypes that didn’t amount to anything (or at least I thought). One of the main rules I haven’t been following is that I have to create games. Period. The only way to really, truly get better at game dev is to simply make games and learn from the process.

So, I have these 5 mini games just sitting here, and what I have decided to do is just make really small games based on these prototypes. I don’t care if it’s bad, or poorly designed. I’m going to make them so I can get better as a developer, regardless of the game. I got this from looking at cactusquid’s page and his huge catalog of games. Here is his page.

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  1. I like your decision. All the best!

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