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2 more prototypes…

Scrapped! They’re just not working, but that’s okay. I learned a lot. So, here they are:

Minigame-Narrative Experiment: Life

Mirroring Experiment: Mirror

Going to keep up this prototyping phase until I find something truly good.

Hidden Stories

Hello all, it’s been a while since I’ve updated information about my second game. Progress is being made, it’s just that I’m taking a rather different approach to the game design this time around. Instead of working on a preexisting framework, such as Inner Vision simply being a visual novel, I’m experimenting with different types of gameplay.

With Inner Vision, the story was presented through a visual novel format. For game #2, the story is being experienced by the player through playing the game. No words, just playing. Sure, there will be a menu with words, but I’m trying very hard for the game and story line to flow together really well.

Game #2 is more of an experiment than an actual game. I’m trying different techniques and putting a lot more time into making the game itself contain a narrative rather than just laying it out on the table. In a way, this is my response to a lot of games these days that have such explicit stories. Hell, Inner VIsion’s story was very¬†explicit. One of video games’ strengths is in its interactivity. With this interaction comes gameplay, and through this gameplay we are able to embed an underlying, subtle story.

Since I’m on break for the summer, I’ve been reading a lot (currently, Walden by Henry Thoreau and Gilead by Marilynne Robinson), and one thing I’ve noticed is how cleverly writers express themes and motifs through their writing. For example, novelists disguise philosophies in their characters, and portray the clash of ideals through the interactions with said characters. It takes practice and skill to get that good at writing, so why not for games? As stated previously, I’ve been spending most of my time on designing the game itself rather than programming. Instead of disguising ideals with writing, I’m disguising ideals with gameplay.

I’ll continue on this crazy development process and see where it takes me. Until next time.

Decided to temporarily call the game Robot + update

So I’ve been hacking away at Robot this past weekend. Did a lot of programming, and got the tilemap and collision working pretty well (which took me a while to be honest). The character can move around, as well as jump and animate. I still have one big programming problem I need to figure out, and that is the player’s special abilities. (Oh, and Robot will be a puzzle-platformer by the way)

The player will be able to change the center of the character’s gravity with the push of a button, and the center of gravity will be floating globes in the map. This may seem a little tough, but there are plenty of physics based engines out there for flash, and flixel handles a lot of it too. I’m pretty excited to program that aspect of it since I love solving weird programming problems like that. The other special ability the player will have is still in the works.

These special abilities directly feed into the story. I’ve been writing a little script of the story, and it’s coming quite nicely. I’ve been putting a lot of work into this game, and it seems much larger in scale compared to Inner VIsion. I’m excited to where it will lead!

This project will have much more art assets than Inner Vision, so I’m a bit worried since that is my weakest skill. With that said, I still enjoy myself while drawing out the sprites, so we’ll see what happens.

I don’t want to get into the details of the story in this post, but in short, there are two robot races with different values. There isn’t one “bad” race and one “good” race of robots, like most games tend to have. These are some mockups/sketches of one of the races. Just like Inner Vision, I hope to make Robot meaningful and not just serve as game “candy”. Until next time!

Block Head Sketches 2

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