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Current project: Inner Vision

So this is the game I’ve been working on since my winter break has begun. It’s called “Inner Vision” , and I would describe it as a choice driven narrative game.

The main goal of the game is to convince three people not to commit suicide. Each person has a personality, set of problems, and issues that are specific to their character. You, as the player, get to interact with each person, and need to extract information about the character through conversation. Here’s the catch: These people are on theĀ vergeĀ of suicide. If you say the wrong things to them while talking, they will kill themselves right there on the spot.

It’s a very dark game, and I hope it will stand out in the crowd due to its taboo nature of suicide. It is a flash game, which means it’s written in ActionScript 3, and I’m also using the game library known as “Flixel”. These tools are actually petty nifty, and are probably the best route to go to create medium-scaled 2D games in flash.

Here’s some concept art for the character you meet who introduces the game to the player. I was inspirited by Van Gogh’s Smoking Skull. The character’s name is “Yama” which is the name given to the Hindu god of death.

Yama Sketch 1


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