So I’ve been working on projects which is why I haven’t posted in a while.

I made a prototype of a third person platformer which I posted earlier, and dubbed it ‘Waver’ (no idea why). I decided that it was fun enough to make into something bigger, so I started hacking away at it. I’ve been working on that game and it’s been coming along slowly. About 2 weeks in, I realized that I wasn’t working on the game seriously enough. This was because the gameplay itself wasn’t that serious, and it’s mostly just a fun game, a game ‘candy’ of sorts. Something I’ve learned about myself recently is that it’s really hard for me to work on something I don’t have an emotional connection with.

This makes sense though; I simply don’t want to waste time on something that isn’t worth doing. Regardless, I’m still going to finish up this third person platformer, along with its terrible programmer art, and just call it a day. I’ve learned (and still learning) so much while making it, so it may not be worth making for the players, but it’ll be worth it for me as a game developer.

But wait, there’s more.

I’ve also been working on another project called The Museum. I firmly believe that this will be the game. This will be the game that will take me more than a year to complete, and will require me to go out and find a talented artist. I’ve spent weeks designing it, and everything is coming together beautifully. I’ve posted some random pics of some early footage on my twitter, but it’s still very early.

While designing The Museum, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been thinking about level design/structure, narrative expression, gameplay meshing with an overarching narrative, and much, much more. I’m putting to use everything I’ve learned from the countless Jon Blow lectures, as well as other ones, that I’ve been furiously studying. It feels very fulfilling putting to practical use all the things you’ve learned, and every time I work on The Museum it feels great.

I don’t want to say too much about The Museum other than it’s a first person exploration based  puzzle game. Being me, I was heavily inspired by footage of The Witness that I’ve seen. I’ll post more about it as I get further in development, although it may be a while since I’m still a solo developer at the moment. Exciting times!