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Games | Sunil's Blog
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Sunil's Blog

I make games! Mostly weird ones.


 Finished Games

  1. Inner Vision: A dialogue game

    Inner Vision SS 1

    Inner Vision SS 2

    Inner Vision SS 3

    Play: (Web)
  2. Drill (Entry for Ludum Dare 29 Competition – 24 hours): A puzzle game




    Play: (Windows/Web)
                   Source Code

I always try to upload my source code online, here’s my GitHub page. Open source future (as I type in Windows)!



1.) Life

Life_2 SS Life_3 SS


A little game where the narrative attempts to directly reflect the gameplay.

Play: (Web)


2.) As We Are (Global Game Jam 2014 – 48 hours)

As We Are SS


A prototype created during the Global Game Jam 2014, where we are tasked to create a game in 48 hours. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about working with a team. The game is about taking pills and finding reflections of yourself.

Play: (Windows)
Source Code

3.) Alien Trial (Asylum Jam 2014 – 24 hours)

SS_3 SS_0


A game where you escape a hellscape American suburbia while skeletons chase you. I created this game in 24 hours for Asylum Jam 2014, where game developers are tasked to make a game that doesn’t employ toxic stereotypes of people with mental disorders.

Play: (Web, Windows, Mac, Linux)
Source Code


4.) Mirror

Mirror SS

A little prototype where the player is tasked to mirror the movements of the mouse to reach a goal.

Play: (Web)


5.) Llama Rap Battle


Llamas rap battling. Made it in a day for an art class I took about hip-hop.

Play: (Windows/Mac/Linux/Web)
Source Code

6.) The Museum

what am I saying SS museumSS1

museumSS3museum screenshot

A prototype I really want to get back to at some point, but unfortunately I’ve reached some deep design problems. The game is a 3D first person game where you look at and try to interpret paintings (top-right and bottom-right pictures), with the interpretations serving as puzzle pieces to solve the main character’s (bottom-left picture) life problems (upper-left picture). This game was supposed to be “the one” but unfortunately I realized half-way through I needed an artist and the game was a tad bit too large in scope (totally a new mistake that no other beginning game dev has ever made before amirite?), and I also need to sit down and solve some of the design issues I’ve been facing. Since this prototype looks the most promising, there is no demo that is currently playable due to spoilers.


Currently Working On:

1.) TV King

TV King SS

A 2D puzzle game where the player is trapped in TV and must traverse through different channels and advertisements to escape. A lot of the puzzles are inspired by the amazing games created by PuzzleScript, with an emphasis on grid-based puzzle design. Visually and phonically, I was inspired by the vaporwave aesthetic (A weird fusion of dolphins, Windows 95 icons,  roman statues, and 80s lounge/elevator music).


2.) Omnivision

7DFPS Forest SS 7DFPS Deer SS

7DFPS Forest Level 0 SS

This game is a 3D first-person platformer. The game is  nonviolent, with the player focusing mostly on avoiding and dodging violent enemies. The game takes place in an abandoned MMO virtual reality game set in a cyberpunk future. I hope to add VR support when… well… I can afford a VR headset really.



3.) Solar System Generator


A simple OpenGL application that randomly generates a solar system. I created this to teach myself OpenGL and 2D rendering/geometry manipulation. The application looks a lot nicer when it’s running since you can actually see the rotational animations. Once I have the basics pieces of the programming set in place, I want to turn this into a simple 2D space exploration game but since I’m completely learning the ins-and-outs of OpenGL all by myself, it may take a while, but I have hope! Yay OpenGL!

Source Code


4.) Sol


A 3D rhythm game being developed by my friend Carlos and I. We were inspired by Rez and AudioSurf and are aiming for a game that uses music to interact with the gameplay systems in a unique and fun way.

Source Code



1.) Virtual UIC

virtual uic

My friend and I are currently a part of the Virtual Reality Undergraduate Projects Laboratory at UIC, and so we were tasked to create a virtual representation of our campus using C++ and a 3D framework called OpenSceneGraph (which is based on OpenGL).  The application’s purpose is to help incoming freshman find their way around campus by simply running the program and traveling around the campus in a first person view. This program is currently being actively worked on, and so far we’ve made a lot of progress.

Source Code (Partial)


  1. Thankyou for making this short and touching game. Informative, entertaining and thought-provoking handling of a sensitive subject. The music is a wonderful fit, and it accompanies the game to powerful effect.

  2. I really enjoyed your game! I like how the different branches of the conversation can give so different results, and I enjoyed the music very much, it sets a good mood.

    • srao

      March 1, 2013 at 3:40 pm

      Thank you very much! The music was the most important part of selling the experience of the game.

  3. I loved Inner Vision! Thanks for building it and also for introducing me to the music, Takenobu

  4. I loved this! Really!

    It means a lot to me when people tackle this subject and I think you did it in an especially tactful and engaging way!

    Would you care to elaborate on how you made the game and why? Both the technical and design aspects of it as well as what inspired you? I’m reading through you blog but can’t seem to find anything about this game in particular. . . .

    • Sunil

      April 26, 2013 at 5:02 am

      Thanks for enjoying the game! It really means a lot. I plan on dissecting the game and making a post about it soon. I’ll talk about all of the stuff you mentioned.

  5. Inner Vision is such a lovely game, it should be featured on TWLOHA. This music was so pretty and fitting for the mood.

    Hopefully your name will soon be amongst the top game developers out there!

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