This Ludum Dare was quite different than what I was used to. I usually compete in the compo going at it alone, stressing about the deadline and ultimately leading to an either interesting or boring prototype with sub-par pixel graphics. This time, I actually had teammates. This isn’t the first time I’ve worked on a game jam with other people, but it was the first time when i felt a connection and got along really well with everyone on the team. Ultimately, it was a very fun experience and a very silly/funny prototype came out of it.

Here is our entry, our game/prototype was called: The Forest of Hamelin

Here’s the team:

Alex Chytrowsky: Lead, HUD, Planning

Matt Murphy: Planning, Documentation

Sunil Rao (Me): Gameplay Programmer, Grandmaster of Unity

Ian Swift: AI/Pathfinding

Keith Thomas: 2D Art

Bryan Spahr: Voices, Music, Ambient Sound, ALL THE AUDIOS

Nathan Hurde: bringer of the chicken


I’ll update this post with some screenshots as well as some pictures of the game jam.