Oh shit, it’s been a week already?

… Really?

Well anyways, here’s what I got done for this week.


This week, I set up a way for characters to communicate to the player. I tried to avoid using the convention of having a huge dialogue box on the bottom, covering up a big chunk of the screen (similar to Inner Vision). This time I’m taking the route of ‘floating, transparent thought bubbles on top of the players’ heads’. This part of the gameplay requires the player to look at what the people are thinking about and try to solve conflicts. What the conflicts are exactly about are reliant on the current story of the memory… Which is a fancy way of saying I’m still working on it.

Here’s a screenshot: wk2 dialoguev2



Boss Fights?

Yes, boss fights. I know it may seem like “normal” boss fights wouldn’t really fit into a game where you look at paintings and into peoples’ thoughts, yet I still feel like it’ll add more energy to the overall experience. At the end of every memory, you are introduced to a new kind of gameplay. During these segments the player will take on a giant monsters, where each giant monster will encompass themes found within the previously played memory.

The reason I went this route is because I think boss fights are really important in games, and are a cool concept in general that makes sense in terms of why they’re there. Most boss fights encompass the skills you’ve gained from the level you just played, and adds a feeling of accomplishment as well as closure to the newly learned concepts. In the future, I’ll go more in depth with how the gameplay will function during these boss fights (and why I think boss fights are the coolest).

Here’s a screenshot of the player HUD during boss battles: wk2 boss fight


Unfortunately, that’s all I really got done this week. A lot of the time was spent simply thinking about and designing the puzzles that will go into the memory sections before the boss fights. Puzzles still take me some time to come up with, while still trying to make it feel cohesive to the overall game.

Well, that’s all I have to say. Until next week!