As I near the end of creating the puzzles, I’ve started to think about the art style and aesthetic of the game. Since the game will encompass many commercials ranging from the 50s to the early 90s, I’m trying to find a fusion of vintage, vaporwave, and glitch art. Here’s a few pieces of concept art I created of the main antagonist (he’s currently named “TV King”):


Dancing king                                                                       Dancing King with girl



I would have liked to implement more of a glitch aesthetic, but alas this was all I could come up with. Photoshop was my friend here. I pretty much know nothing about creating art, so I’m learning slowly. I tried to actually draw on paper but I soon realized I’m terrible at that and better at combining pieces of art in unique ways. I’ll create another post once I finish the remaining puzzles and refactor/polish up the code. After finishing those tasks, I’m going to dive right into the art. Finally as I finish the prototype with the newly added art I’m going to start sending out the game to some play testers.


I still have a long way but I’m getting there. Until next time!