Since Ludum Dare is over, I’ve continued working on my puzzle game again. I’m currently implementing puzzles and working on the design, but on the side I’ve been working on the look and aesthetic of the game. Since the game takes place inside of a TV, I’ve been looking around for a solid TV/CRT retro shader. Thankfully, Gamasutra published a little tutorial for making my own CRT shader. The article was written by Svyatoslav Cherkasov, a game developer for an up and coming indie game called VHS Story which actually looks pretty cool! I’m looking forward to playing it


I followed the tutorial and added a little of my own custom code, and here’s a screenshot of the game using the shader:

Game CRT Shader SS


Still debating if I should keep it in the game… On one hand, it totally fits with the themes of the game and being trapped in a TV, but at the same time the look is a bit jarring. The player will need to look at the screen for a while since it’s a puzzle game, so would I want to annoy the player’s eyes with a tacky look? Well, one way or another, the shader will definitely make it into he game, just varying in degree.


My next post will probably deal more with puzzle design, but since I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing and all my experience from puzzle design is from GDC lectures and PuzzleScript games created by Stephen Lavelle, it might take me a while to formulate my thoughts. Until next time!